The Ideal Yard Shed - Woodbridge Vinyl Shed Series from Duramax Sheds

On the market for a new shed?, the job of picking a shed for your yard can be a tricky one with all the various brands out there these days. Which one for me...? While it is necessary to select a shed which is long lasting, you also have to make sure that its design will blend into your home. Therefore, you should look for a brand that gives all these qualities. Among the most dependable brands in the market nowadays is Duramax sheds. Our Storage Shed Reviews channel on YouTube has all the details that you need to know and will help you to make a choice for your yard.

As for Duramax the name is derived from the term “maximum durability”, which precisely describes the Woodbridge series. After a lifetime of use, your Woodbridge shed will remain functional as it is made of the most sturdy materials. Chipping, peeling, fading, discoloration and cracking are prevented since the shed is made from vinyl. Not like plastics and woods, termite infestation doesn’t occur in vinyl sheds. Duramax sheds are obtainable in many shapes and sizes so it should be easy to find the right one for your home. Duramax is most widely known for their Woodbridge vinyl shed collection simply because of its modular design.

There is no ongoing maintenance needed with Duramax sheds. You don’t need to repaint or stain your Woodbridge shed every now and then. Just buy and build the shed and you're good to go. In one afternoon, two individuals can easily set up the shed. All the vinyl panels come pre-drilled and, if you purchase the special optional foundation kit, the entire job is straightforward. Just assemble the floor kit, level and square it and build your shed on top.

One skylight and ventilation kits are included with the package when you buy
a duramax shed. If you are planning to use the shed for storing your items, then you must get the ready-to-install Duramax shelf kits that will give you additional room for storage. If you want to turn your Woodbridge shed into a play area for the kids, then you can simply add duramax window kits for more light. The windows are also ideal if you'd like to utilize your shed as a hobby room to chill out in or as an outdoor office space.

Unlike wooden sheds Duramax sheds are fire retardant. In fact, their sheds such as the Woodbridge vinyl shed series are certified by the California Fire Marshall. These sheds can easily deal with various climates hot and cold. All duramax sheds have a 20lbs/sq ft snow load rating and can withstand a wind factor of up to 115 miles/hr when properly anchored.

The ideal thing about the woodbridge vinyl shed is its adjustable depths, which you can't do with wooden and metal sheds. This implies that you can modify the depth of the shed if you feel that you'll need a bigger room. Generally, the shed is 10.5 feet wide, but you can easily make it to 8’, 10’, or 13’. Just get the 2.5’ extension kit if you want to elongate your shed a little more. This kit is sold separately, which implies that you just need to buy it when you wish to extend your shed. This can be done easily later if needed. Its double doors is 5’ wide making it easy to enter a Duramax shed. This enables you to move things in and out effortlessly. Moreover, it's possible to park a small tractor or mower inside and still keep as many items or tools as you wish in there.

When compared to the other materials which are utilized in making sheds, vinyl is a safe material according to the studies done by the US Green Building council. It is deemed environmentally safe. Rest assured that after 20 or 30 years, your Vinyl Shed will still be in excellent condition. This product is made in the US so has much smaller transport miles compared to other products. Also, keeping these sheds in its pristine condition is hassle-free. Thus, you won't need to spend time and money in purchasing cleaning materials or paint. If you want to have a resilient and functional shed that also looks great, then Duramax sheds combined functionality and aesthetics, making it a great asset to any home.